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Moment in the spotlight for Channel 5 News….

15 Nov

Well what a difference a day makes…

As I walked past the Twihards in Leicester Square, penned up in their camping gear like cattle, my mind wasn’t on RPatz’s twinkly diamond vampire face or KStew’s newly acquired red contact lenses… it was on what makes this phenomenon so big and would I be able to chat about it concisely and coherently.

Why was I so nervous? Well, they may have been strolling down the red carpet that evening, but yesterday morning I was preparing to make my screen debut for none other than the brilliant Channel 5 News. What a difference a day makes, on Tuesday I was sat at my desk with a hot cup of coco when the phone rang with 5 News asking if I’d like to be a film critic discussing this films’ success and future. Absobloominglootly!!!

So in the space of 24 hours I was hot footing it to Leicester Square ready for my close up and as soon as I get the link I’ll share it with you all. What a coup! Very humbled to be asked, and hopefully its the start of more great things to come. In the mean time, here are a couple of shots of me on the programme.

Thanks for all your support and reading my little blog x


A Big Night for kids TV at The Children’s BAFTA’s

30 Nov

Well last weekend was the star studded Childrens BAFTA’s Awards at the London Hilton Hotel on Park Lane. Leicester Square TV, including myself was there (in the world’s smallest press pen I might add! ) But never the less a great night – congratulations to all the winners, well deserved! Here are a few of the highlight videos where I’m lucky enough to interview the cream of the crop in children’s tv!

The Host of the evening Barney Harwood explains just how excited he is about Rentaghost!

Horrible History go all shy about being favourites to win an award – oh and eventually sing us a song! 

Ronnie Ancona talks about her love of pre school kids TV

Ted Robbins gets super excited about being at the Awards and his stint as a panto dame this December!

The Newsround Legend John Craven talks about the show’s honorary award

Tyger Drewe Honey tells us what’s coming up in Outnumbered

Peppa Pig wins a BAFTA and isn’t Harley Bird just the cutest! 

So there you have it, a fab night full of excellent talent all held in one big old hotel room!!! Hope you enjoyed the videos!