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So its not sunny outside, but it certainly is scary….

27 Aug

What better way to spend a bank holiday than in a dark room, with about 200 other people – some wearing funny masks, but the majority wearing funny t-shirts – and being scared to high heaven with a selection of horror movies… Well this is not necessarily my idea of fun, but for all the horror film fans in London, The Empire Cinema played Makkah to all their goulish, spine tingling needs.

Being careful to avoid the need for a pace-maker to be fitted, I managed skip past some of the films and go straight towards meeting its directors and cast (who weren’t so scary) and have a catch up about what all this horror fuss was about… here are just a few below…

Simon Pegg tells me that he doesn’t want Nick Frost to be walking around making “ARRGGGGHHH” noises for an entire film, so sadly, Shaun of the Dead 2, ain’t happening folks!

Labyrinth (book) fans, Claudia Gerini tells us all about the villain she plays in the TV movie out soon!

Ever wondered whatever happened to the Super Mario Bros? Well…I think they changed direction from plumbers to horror film makers under the name the Manetti Brothers…I’m not convinced!

And finally, Paura 3D’s Francesca Cuttica tells you how to prepare for a part as a woman living in a basement for years…as you do!

Thanks for reading folks! x

Luxury Junket – The art of not having to stand in the rain…

20 Dec

So at the moment I’m referred to as “red carpet girl” a name I’m not turning my nose up to, in any capacity, but during my time on the red carpet I’ve met more than enough people who stand side by side with me, pushing and shoving to get that one question from an A-List star. On reflection, all thirty to forty of us have been waiting ¬†in the freezing cold for this moment and as the line is longer and you realise you’re at the far end of it, sometimes at the very bleak times, for a minute or so, we all struggling to see the amazing position that despite the cold we are currently in.

I mean who really gets to say that their job is to speak to celebrities day in day out? From up and coming stars such as Lucas Pittaway – over night sensation of Snowtown – through to George Clooney – about as A-List as you can get. I have to say I’ve got a good job, no wait a minute, I’ve got a great job. I am not ever really that star struck anymore, but for my own amusement I now have an ‘up close camera test’ in my mind, to see which stars I think are beautiful on screen but not so much in real life you know, to make sure that they are real people too, not just beautifully airbrushed aspirational fantasies.

However the reason for this post is simple. I’m always looking to up my game, learn more about this business we call show and well, let you lot know my findings. So here’s what I found out last week. A very kind producer friend of mine invited me along to the Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol junket. Tom Cruise it wasn’t – Notting Hill it was, as I sat in the corridors of Claridges just like if you were about to be sent into the headmaster and jokes started being subtly bounded around stating that one may be from Horse and Hound (how many times has that been said – yes well, I’m a rookie so I’m allowed to say it!). Thankfully this is a much nicer process. I may have been privy to a lucky day, but these junkets worked like clockwork and the interviewees were delightful, from Simon Pegg, through to Brad Bird (oh yes the ¬†director of Krusty the Clown – I know!) each of the film stars looked as if this was the first interview of the day (even though it was second to last) and for five minutes – not one question – you could actually have a decent in depth conversation with them, which I have to say is what I completely relished in at the London Film Festival. The Film Maker Teas, for example showcased all the up and coming talent and like this interview below, with Lucas Pittaway I managed to speak in some depth with a star in the making.

So with this, it’s no surprise that these bloggers, journalists, producers do not wish to partake in red carpet gigs anymore, and now that I’ve had a taste of this luxury, it would be nice to balance it up every once in a while. But from all my endeavours over the last few months, its easier said than done to get through the door. So if anyone want’s to give me a chance to do it – oh and I will do a very good job – then that would make a lovely Xmas present! : )

Thanks for reading! x