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The London Film Festival…its not all swanky photo shoots you know!

1 Nov

Thank you to everyone for your kind words and “likes” on my latest set of portfolio pictures… if you need to know they’re from a very talented photographer Tom Wootton, and you can find direct contact details via http://www.mysilhouettephotography.com (he’s London based).

Anyway, enough about me, well sort of…as I fought off the jet lag quite valiantly, I acclimatised myself back to London weather (mainly rain) during the London Film Festival, and despite the cold, managed to stay warm in the knowledge that I would be able to have good old chats with the likes of Bill Murray (and win a thumb war with him – personal highlight and massive tick off my bucket list), Gemma Arterton, Helen Hunt, Terrence Stamp, John Hawkes and many more… catch some of the highlights below!

Songs for Marion

Monty Python’s Michael Palin – A liars Autobiography

Monty Python’s Terry Jones – A Liars Autobiography