Catching up with The Risk (@theriskoffic ) at The London Dungeons….

11 Feb

Just before the Christmas rush, I managed to catch up with the lovely boys from The Risk –  The X Factor last year – as they treated their ever loyal fan base to a top secret gig at the not so Christmassy London Dungeons!

We chatted about why they wanted to perform at that venue, what they thought of the most recent winner of the X Factor – James Arthur, and how hard it really is to deal with all the flack contestants from the show get in the press (Poor old Christopher Maloney!)

The boys were also there to give a sneak peek of their new single Missiles (which after hearing it through the sound checks and performance is very addictive!) Here’s hoping it does really well for them!

So here’s my interview for Red Carpet News Extra and below its the boys latest single – so go download now!

Oh and as an added bonus, here’s the behind the scenes to their music video too!

You can follow the boys on Twitter @theriskoffic or on their ever popular Facebook page

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