Brit Films still riding high…its time for the release of Twenty8k

14 Sep

I love interviewing the stars of British film. They’re humble, enthusiastic, and spend more than one question telling me how delighted they are being part of something they truly believe in. A lot of British films (independent, low budget, urban films mainly) hit a market which isn’t quite as mainstream and suffers unfortunately from not enough marketing and distribution money. Sure the real gems shine through and manage to make a more significant mark, but sadly some films barely see the light of day.

Twenty8k is one of those films, which despite having Parminda Nagra to front it, still ends up in selected cinemas on limited release and almost certainly wont make a profitable return. Regardless, it still inspired me to pop to the cinema and watch it, and for you all that are sat on the fence, here are the stars themselves chatting about it so hopefully you can go and spend your weekend checking it out too.

Huge thanks to the Genesis Cinema in Mile End for hosting this premiere.


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