Following The Streets…on The Streets…

22 Aug

So what better way to make use of the fantastic weather outside than to become the ultimate groupy for former The Streets singer Leo The Lion, as he wanders to various locations around London raising money for charity. I like to call it exaggerated busking, or “glusking” as he manages to have a huge entourage by his side throughout this journey – but it was far cooler than any signing efforts I could ever pull off!

Anyway, its a long old slog 24 gigs in 24 hours, so Millie’s Cookies thought what a better way to keep his spirits up than plying him with cookies along the way – and what better person to do that than me! : ) Luckily I only joined him for the last leg of the journey, but visiting the Royal Ballet School, W Hotel and Carnaby Street were huge highlights…

Check it out…

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