Its October, Its Halloween at the end of the month – about time the UK brought out a fab slasher film!

11 Oct

Here it is folks, the moment you’ve been waiting for, a slasher film to contend with, if not out-do the king of killers ‘Scream’. Bringing some UK swagger, urban outlooks, the next generation of UK talent both on and off screen, and of course another fab entry to add to our country’s portfolio of new wave of outstanding young, hip, urban films.

The premiere at the Odeon West End didn’t disappoint either, if you ever needed a hub of talent in one tiny space then look no further than the VIP bar next to the press pen! Chattering busily on mobile phones, consuming the free champagne, networking furiously and generally having a great time, were actors, models, singers, rappers, directors, producers, practically every hotshot who  are going to make a name for themselves in the next five to ten years. To name drop a few, we had Dionne Bromfield (Amy Winehouse’s very talented god daughter), Craig Roberts (Hilarious lead in Submarine), The cast of Misfits, Jay from Dirty Sexy Things (He has a new music career by the way!), Jessie J and not to mention the fabulous cast of the film – Jason Maza, Andrew Ellis, Jack Doolan, Reggie Yates etc etc…

So what was the fuss all about and why were they all here – well, the first time director Arjun Rose (looking very dapper) tells you all about it in the first interview however here’s a quick synopsis:

Demons Never Die

Stylish teen slasher film Demons Never Die follows eight very different London students with one deadly secret: they have all made a pact to end their lives together. However, a mysterious masked killer emerges from the shadows to grant their death-wish in more terrifying fashion than they could ever have imagined. Misfit Archie (Robert Sheehan), model Samantha (Emma Rigby), wide-boy Kenny (Jason Maza), star pupil Ashleigh (Shanika Warren-Markland), conflicted Ricky (Jacob Anderson), goth-girl Jasmine (Jennie Jacques), and weakling James (Jack Doolan) are all battling their own private demons, from eating disorders to lost parents. But as a much deadlier assailant hunts them down one by one, their quest for death becomes a desperate fight for their lives. Can these friends survive long enough to discover what they have to live for? Or will their bleeding hearts be brutally slashed wide open?

Not only is this a great film, showcasing the UK’s up and coming acting talent, it also has a brilliant soundtrack featuring the best of the UK’s up and coming singing talent – lead boldly by Dionne Bromfield and her lead single Ouch! (check out the music video, it was directed by Arjun Rose and features Chloe Moretz). Just a melting pot oozing with talent from all angles and something that is sure to put any great US slasher to shame.

The perfect fright fest for Halloween – so forget Paranormal Activity 3 and go support our great homegrown talent – its sure not to disappoint and is a fantastic way to get everyone excited for more upcoming British film making at the London Film Festival – starting bright and early tomorrow morning!

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